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Browse our range of stylish sofas and armchairs and pick the upholstery from our latest collection: Earth Song. The Collection symbolises growth, playfulness, and an untamed wild verve deftly captured in prints and heightened with color. We are reviving our earlier designs as part of our 10 years of 1000 designs - Wonderland, Palash, Keora. A decade of print forms come together in our upholstery fabrics.


A contemporary take on the lush Palampores, the magical tree with varied leaf forms and fruits. Rest back and let this print bring you closer to nature and it’s myriad wonders. Make a statement with Freedom Tree's signature printed and woven upholstery on your living room or lounge furniture. Also available as accent cushions, mix the print with on-trend mineral hued pieces from the Earth Song collection.


Travel with us to ‘Wonderland’- an enchanted forest, where trees grow upside down, climbers resist the forces of gravity, and birds nest in the roots! We seek inspiration from the tribal art forms and weave the story of a whimsical forest through Wonderland. This whimsical print is a fun addition for young families and the young at heart. The dark blue colors make it the perfect fabric for your prized sofa and armchairs that may be at ‘spill risk’.

The Wonderland print also makes a lively addition to our new Upholstered Cabinet. A mid-century inspired, multifunctional unit that can be used as a bar, a sideboard, or for general storage in the study or bedroom
Pro Tip - You may pick your own print, and have this beauty customized for your home. 


Palash captures growth and movement- blossoming buds and new life. Reimagined in a playful manner in a mature, earthy color story. Budding botanical renderings in different forms take center stage on an earthy, terracotta base in Palash. This upholstery fabric is a nod to the turn of the season, in its earthiness and warmth. Bring the bedroom together with matching bed linen, cushions, and even a rug in this earthy print.

Tweed Upholstery

Re-covering old furniture with new fabric can completely transform the look and functionality of the piece. This durable fabric comes in two classic combinations- red and white and the much loved white and black. Strands of cotton and tussar blends are hand-dyed and woven into this satisfying Diamond Weave. The practiced geometry is pleasing to the eye with its textural background. Perfect for sofas in high traffic areas. If you’d like a beautiful space that takes less effort to maintain, our fabrics are for you. 

Diamond Tweed Upholstery Fabric 

Fabrics for Rooms where Life Happens

From Living Rooms to Home Office spaces, kids room and your personal den, fabrics that handle busy life with ease. Your home essentially is not only a reflection of yourself but is also a personal haven, that one continuously likes to deck and grace with innovative interior decor and some creative home furnishing. Get ready for the festivities ahead by giving your home a relaxed, renewed vibe with colorful fabrics and soothing prints.

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