Monsoon Edit 2021

As the clouds begin to break into rain, the relief from the heat evaporates into a season of drama. Thunderstorms, lightning, and downpours arrive with a boom and infuse the landscape with their live-giving energy. Bright blue skies turn an opalescent grey, the warm air hugs close with humidity, and a silvery sheen washes over the atmosphere, slowly breaking to reveal glimmers of sunlight.

With the onset of the monsoon comes a period of renewal and promise of life. As raindrops wash away the dust that’s built up through the year, nature flourishes once more to cover the streets and fields with a carpet of green. The season is a sensory overload that inspires spectacular drama outside and, in response, cozy comfort inside. The next few months are for fresh farm-to-table lunches, unhurried coffee afternoons and warm, intimate dinners recharging with family and friends.

Born out of this magic, our new Rainshine living collection harmonizes the moods of the monsoon and its untamed spirit.

“It not only is a visual sensation but assaults the auditory and relentlessly infuses our senses with fragrance. It is time to renew, to explore, and celebrate cozy moments in our homes and in our hearts.” 

 - Latika Khosla, Founder and Design Director, Freedom Tree


The metropolitan city is cast in an alternating palette of sunlight and rain that rhythmically shift as the season unfolds. Shots of cool greys and bright yellows meet across cushions, curtains, upholstery, and rugs to recolor signature prints with revived energy.

Here, the linework of the city shines with various recognizable urban motifs, such as the grillwork that commonly adorns windows and gates on our Gallica and Wireframe prints, and the irregular linearity of our streets on the Grille cushion.


Softening the industrial feel, budding botanicals bloom between the city’s cracks on our grey and yellow Palash cushion and bed cover. The yellow end of this color palette allows you to contrast the darker shades with some brights and lights, like our hypnotic perspective delight Taram, and our new Solid Yellow cushion.

Enhance the reflection of the sun’s rays with lighting and mirrors that make rooms feel bigger and brighter. While our quirky Mrigal and Calbasa mirrors bounce light across the room, rustic pendant lamps from the Unbound collection cast a warm glow.


The seasonal change brings whirls of energy and relief that mingle in a palette of warm hues. The tension between swish tropical rains and bursts of lightning eventually break into a calm glow that sweeps across the skies in an electric frisson.

This elemental alchemy translates into colorful pops of color on easy-to-mix textiles for the living area and bedroom. Whimsical watery waves on our Marine Drive and Arabian Sea cushions bring a splash of the sea to sofas and armchairs. Create a cluster with our floral Kash Kash cushion and new grey styles for a lively space to reconnect with friends. Recharged in a brick and coral colorway, our Kiwach rug buzzes with geometric energy. For a softer look, our Kausama upholstery lends the same warm pinks for an inviting feel.


As we settle into hosting and inviting loved ones over, Electric Earth unlocks new buzzing looks for the home. Revel in the joy of quiet coming togethers with breezy seating and airy entertaining essentials from which conversations can flow and form around.

Electric colored rope furniture like our Bunai and Butterfly accent chairs recharge spaces with life while providing space for one or two more. Wicker bar cabinets help store the barware for entertaining while maintaining an airy aesthetic apt for rainy days.


The return of the rain brings alive an enchanted garden in Wonderland, where nature blossoms with unabandoned joy. Painted strokes of blue, green, and red render a wild bouquet of plant life on a charming collection of tableware made for indoor meals as much as al fresco ones.

As magical flowers burst forth from the forest floor, curling ferns sway with the rippling breeze. Together, the collection of plates, bowls, platters, and trays create a verdant oasis of blooms that spark fantasy and imagination.

After a year spent indoors, Wonderland is an escapist table, whether you’re dining indoors or picnicking outside.The farm-to-table look comes to life here with pieces designed for heaping piles of fresh salads, cheeses, and locally grown veggies. Striped serving bowls and various trays inspire brunches and intimate gatherings with their sharing sensibility.

Dinner plates, side plates, and cereal bowls complete the set with inky flowers that are beautiful when layered. The collection isn’t worried about perfection but rejoices in carefree celebrations that inspire wonder.



As the rain streams outside, it awakens the earth and covers it with a green canopy. After months of weathering the summer haze, nature is revived and ready to play! Shades of green shoot up across gardens, fields, and in between city streets, bringing an explosion of life to even the smallest pockets of space. Leaves glisten with the pitter-pattering of rain, muddy grounds transform into verdant grassy patches, and the world is reinvigorated with abundance and growth.

Indoors, splashes of green rejuvenate the senses but also turn the home into a cocooning refuge. Rooms that remind us of being in nature can restore our mood, ease our daily stresses, and give us energy and vitality. This idea translates beautifully in the bedroom where lush bedding, cushions, and rugs form a tropical haven to retreat in.


Rest back and let our Damask Rose bed cover bring home the bliss of an island retreat. Recolored in peppy new hues, our cotton Koza bed cover is a celebration of botanical life and a delight to the senses. Pair each piece with the matching pillow covers or our Solid Lime and Solid Sky sets for a finished bed. Our signature Panai print finds its way onto cushions which can be layered with the Rays grey and yellow cushions to inject some life in an urban look. For a more textural feel, our deep teal Salaka quilt delivers the geometry of our Salaka print with quilted linework and three-dimensional tactility.

Complete the nurturing, natural green feel with planters woven of airy elements from the outdoors. Complementing your decor with plants filled in our Sabai Grass and Bunai Basket planters helps bring the outside in to turn your bedroom into a magical monsoon garden.