Nupur Malhotra - October 20th, 2020

Coffee Table Designs For The Home

Coffee Table Designs

The coffee table is the last piece of the puzzle that ties the room together. It may not be the driving force of your design aesthetic when you are decorating your living room, but it’s a piece of furniture without which the living space would look incomplete. For interior novices, it is a long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of (or next to) a sofa or upholstered chairs to support beverages, magazines, books, a bouquet of flowers, and other small items to be used while sitting, such as beverage coasters.

When deciding on the perfect coffee table, it’s helpful to consider the proportions and relative mass of each piece in your living room. For instance, if you have a super-leggy couch, you don’t want a super-leggy coffee table. Or if you have a sofa that’s upholstered all the way to the ground, you don’t want a super-massive coffee table. It’s a small, functional item or a statement piece that will last for several years. The ideal size of your coffee table depends on the size of your sofa. For optimal balance and function, the coffee table should be around two thirds the width of the sofa. The height should be 5–10 cm below the height of the sofa seat. To give ample room for moving around, make sure there is space around and between the sofa and the table.

Be bold experiment with non-traditional shapes and materials. There are plenty of fun designs out there that range from the tried-and-true: Mid-century design, with its modern contours and nostalgic tinge, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere; to the unexpected: multi-utility nesting tables, that you can incorporate for an eclectic feel of a home designed with thought. 

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Industrial Designs 
Industrial decorating is a popular style that takes inspiration from factories, lofts, and warehouses. You can find elements of Industrial decor in a variety of homes from Farmhouse to Scandinavian! You can recognise industrial decor and furniture as it makes use of materials like metal, reclaimed woods, and other surprising combinations. The over-arching goal of the industrial style is to remain functional but has in recent years taken on a glamor of its own with luxurious interpretations in glints of gold and silver. Industrial furniture can be at home in any space, pairing well with loft-style living rooms, or stand in perfect contrast to softer surroundings.

Tip: Rounded furniture, when combined with the sharp lines of a modern sectional, makes for an eye-catching contrast.

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern
Mid-century modern refers to the interior design style that was popular between the 1950s and 1960s. They’re known for their warmth and familiar designs and they’re appreciated for their ability to look elegant while also embracing a casual aesthetic. We love the ease with which mid-century modern coffee tables manage to make living rooms look inviting and comfortable and how they bring the whole decor together without standing out too much.

Mix- Match Textures, Materials, It's a ritual and one must do it.

Classic & Contemporary 
Though contemporary and modern may seem interchangeable, contemporary style refers to that which is currently popular. Contemporary designs often feature stark interiors with bold, bright accents. Glass tops and metal bases are common features of contemporary coffee tables. For those who want a happy marriage between practical and aesthetically pleasing, you may want to turn to these coffee tables. Each one is completely unique and can fit into practically any surrounding aesthetic. Consider some of these coffee tables to use in your living room and watch it become its own trendy statement.

Your coffee table is like a blank canvas right in the heart of your living room. It is a component that can bring the whole seating arrangement together. To help you find the coffee table that works best with your budget and your space — whether you want to make it the focus of your room or have it play a more supporting, holding-the-remote-control kind of role — we bring you a broad outline of the coffee table styles. A place to put your feet. The stage for your board game victories. The perfect host for your famous cheese platters. Modern coffee tables serve a variety of functions — and look darn good doing it. From mid-century modern to contemporary coffee tables, we have styles for every home, so rest easy, put your feet up.
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