10 STEPS to Build a Happy Home Store

Freedom Tree is branching out and setting up a second home in Goa - an exquisite new store in the Galleria, at the Grand Hyatt, Bambolim. Just a stone’s throw away from Panjim, the Color Edit concept store distills our boldest color palettes and statement pieces into a refreshingly familiar Freedom Tree experience.
Fast on the heels of setting up our largest concept store in the bustling neighborhood of Indiranagar, Bangalore – we set out to create this space in record time.
1. Find an Oasis: Nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Aldeia De Goa, and the stunning environs of the Grand Hyatt, we discovered another level of relaxation and quietude in Goa. Reflecting pools, plays of light, grand staircases lead us into the Galleria where Freedom Tree finds its home.   
Freedom Tree Goa  Freedom Tree Goa Top View
  Freedom Tree Goa Top
    2. Get the space: We took over a bare concrete shell just at the entrance of the galleria. High ceilings, industrial fittings, and piping galore, and a roughly hewn floor. With only 10 days to go, the transformation was about to begin.  
     Freedom Tree1 Freedom Tree2
    3. Build IT! With no time to lose, we got cracking with shelving, lighting, polishing the floor. We wanted to preserve the industrial and high-ceilinged feel of the space, the simplicity of which would allow our amazing design collections to shine through.
    Freedom Tree3 Freedom Tree4
     freedom tree5 freedom tree6
    4. Get the paintbrushes out! We’re all about color and our Design Director flew down to Goa to paint our signature mural with splashes of happy color. The mood was infectious, and everyone wanted to have a go!
    Freedom Tree Paint  Freedom Tree Wall
    Freedom Tree Colors  Freedom Tree Making
    Freedom Tree Goa
    5. Bring on the furniture! T-Minus 3 days, our shipment arrives from Mumbai with all our furniture, fabrics, and ceramics. We start laying out our most beautiful statement pieces, handcrafted hardwood, and brilliantly upholstered sofas and armchairs. It’s starting to look like home!
    Freedom Tree Furniture
    Freedom Tree Ceramic
    6. Build the color wall – The Color Edit store is all about our brightest and boldest prints and colors. We laid out all our textiles from neutrals to warm colors with blues and yellows in between. Visitors can discover everything from little coasters and trays to cushions and bedcovers, all on our color-coordinated grid.
    Freedom Tree7
    7. Get a beer – No trip to Goa is complete without some authentic local seafood and beer! A quick visit to one of our favorite spots (Fisherman’s Wharf) in Panjim and we were re-charged for another full day of store set-up!
    Freedom Tree Team Goa
    8. Stack the new collection: One of the most important pieces of the new store is to showcase our latest collection right at the entrance as a wall of print and texture. Our Monsoon 2019 Collection – Secret Garden – takes pride of place here. Secret Garden evokes the small spaces of cool and green you might find at the end of a quiet by-lane, a wall moist and mossy with rain, a corner of your veranda at home against the background of rainy skies.
    Freedom Tree Secret Garden
    9. Get a fantasy cabinet: Then there are the things you do just for fun. Our furniture designer and one of our artisan partners in Mumbai set out to re-purpose an old cabinet into the wildest, most fantastical display we could imagine. Featuring silhouetted forms of birds and clouds, reindeer antlers, carved-edge shelves. The Fantasy cabinet is home to our bar accessories, coasters, and other unique gifts.
    Freedom Tree Gift1
    Freedom Tree Gift
    Freedom Tree Gifts
    10. Have a little get together: Get the party started with some special guests of Freedom Tree and the hotel. Some music, drinks, and good conversation. Happy vibes make for a happy home store.
    Freedom Tree.1
    Freedom Tree.2
    Freedom Tree.4
    Freedom Tree.5
    So what are you waiting for? Come visit our Color Edit Edition. Bask in our new nest that promises to bring in that refreshing resort happiness.
    Directions to Freedom Tree Color Edit: Grand Hyatt Bambolim.