The Story Of Joyee

As life slowed down in Spring of this year, we found Joy in the little things. The world as one looked for escaping the ordinary in little ways, seeking pleasure in the everyday mundane. A cherished morning having tea together, a breakfast meal laid out in style for a surprised partner, little love notes on the fridge. We created corners at home for little chats, organized special date nights at home with the fancy napkins, and Netflixed gleefully with our partner’s  choice or Moana for the 100th time with your kids!

It’s the little things, that magnify our delight. Our Joy Collection pays homage to that exultation that comes from doing things from heart for those who make the bulk of our lives. 

 “Find ecstasy in life; the mere
sense of living is joy enough.”

Emily Dickinson 


"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature.
It will never fail you."

Frank Lloyd Wright

As the world stood still, our Design Team discovered its greatest inspiration in Nature. The blooms of flora, the buzz of insects and songs of birds in the gardens just outside. The sounds and shadows gave wing to our imagination, and magnified natural beauty into an artistic and imaginative design inspiration. Petals of a flower, lines on the leaves, the spots on a butterfly’s wing. This collection is a playful abstract take on nature and all its magnificent artistry.

Exploring Colors & Forms

We begin all design journeys with the kernel of an idea and inspiration. Our team of original print designers begin to explore these ideas in forms, color palettes and illustrative styles. At this early stage, much is one by hand: clipping references, drawing, cutting, and matching swatches.

Our inspiration takes wings with JOY - a celebration of nature, imagination, and connection. Playful naive illustrations evoking childhood curiosity and joy in a playful pastel palette.

Think rainbow hues, candy cane, ice-creams with fun toppings, cotton candy, jelly beans, jujubes - a fun carnival of shapes and colors. 

Design Process

In bloom with opening buds, butterflies making our hearts aflutter – nature in all its magnificence without human interference. Soaking this unfettered beauty of nature, our maverick creatives have rendered this feeling on curation of pieces that embody this joy.

Kaleidoscopic designs featuring watery brush strokes, tessellations, and abstract patterns. A secret garden Colorful stripers with joyful details like tassels.

We magnifying this beauty in nature, in scale, across various lifestyle pieces and material, through original print designs. Something quintessentially Freedom Tree, that will become an intrinsic part of your home.

Making Of Joyee

The pandemic banished our design team to Zoom for coordination and digital files and artworks. WeFast became our best friend as we parceled samples and swatches across the city and country. We even managed to steal a few socially distanced meetings in our studio for essential sampling review. 

The real heroes are our creative partners in Mumbai, and spread out across the country, who help to handcraft all our products. They battled localized lockdowns, endless supply shortages, and the challenge of caring for their artisans and workers.

At Freedom Tree, our production and store associates went above and beyond to make something so beautiful amidst so much uncertainty.

We can't wait for our everyone to experience the love and care that has gone into bringing this collection to your homes.