Nupur Malhotra 8th, October, 2020

Our Design Studio Presents:

In nature, silence is loud. You can sit and enjoy the subtle sounds that surround you. Deep in the woods, there is peace and harmony that doesn’t exist in the city or anywhere around human habitats. Getting caught up in the cycle of living is simple. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. Our routine can become us. You need a little bit of the wild to keep you fresh. Get outside and soak up the sun. Stop and smell the roses.Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the nature around you. Listen to the birds, drink in the views. It will wash you clean.

As life slows down, we begin to take notice of things around us. The little details in the smallest, simplest creations of nature. Petals of a flower, the venation pattern on the leaves, the spots on a butterfly’s wing— an exceptional example of evolutionary innovation and adaptation. Much like what we are undergoing together.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” ― Rumi

Carpe Diem! We are living by the anthem and creating memories together everyday. We are seeking pleasure in the mundane. Escaping the ordinary in little ways - a cherished morning having tea together, the jubilation of a breakfast meal laid out in style for a surprised partner, the anticipation and excitement of finding a love notes on the fridge, the elation in creating corners at home to chat with a parent or sibling, the euphoria of setting up a date night at home with cherished serveware or gleefully dedicating a day to watch your partner’s Netflix choice or Moana for the 100th time with your kids!

It’s the little things that magnify our delight. Our designs pay homage to the merriment which comes from doing things from the heart for those who make the bulk of our lives.

We began the journey with Seed and exalted when they sprouted with Earth Song. Now come with us into this fantastical wonderland where bliss pervades. Our inspiration takes wings with JOY - a celebration of nature, imagination, and connection.

An abstract take on natural shapes - symmetric roschark forms and tessellation - nature magnified and made magical through the design lens of young folks whose head is in the clouds. Playful naive illustrations evoking childhood curiosity and joy in a playful pastel palette. Think rainbow hues, candy cane, ice-creams with fun toppings, cotton candy, jelly beans , jujubes - a fun carnival of shapes and colors.

This season is all about the exuberance at home. Joyous textiles, bright and bubbly ceramics and table linens, practical and playful decor and incredible gifting options to spark joy.

An exclusive curation of everyday essentials, from our table to yours 

A feast for All the Senses 

A lovingly hand-painted curation of breakfast, tea-time, and all-day-dining essentials.

The wondrous forms of nature magnified and stylised come to life in candy cane colors.

Bring home Joyee with this versatile, casual, and family-friendly collection for all-day snacking. This collection is a playful abstract take on nature and all its magnificent artistry. As it turns out, even those of us living in the urban hubbub can take advantage of nature’s glee-giving generosity – all we have to do is notice! So if you can, go ahead and do your forest bathing ... but if all you have is a dandelion in a sidewalk crack, look at it, think about how it makes you feel, and don't be surprised if you notice your spirits lift.

We borrow from nature- this feeling of bliss and euphoria and crystallise the motion in our designs for your home.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever!

Magnifying this beauty in nature, we bring you ‘a thing of beauty’ to cherish forever. Something quintessentially Freedom Tree, that will become an intrinsic part of your home. Create a custom gallery wall with our curated assortment of wall art – signature FT prints, bold designs, and a riot of color, it’s a statement-making addition well-suited for a living room, entryway, kitchen, and the bedroom. The maverick in you may also plead for a view when you sit on the throne. 

A Colorful Home

We are making home the party central and look forward to refreshing the space with pieces that bring in the fervour and gaiety of myriad colors in modern, beautiful designs. The textiles for home mimic nature in their motifs and creatures that evoke renewal. The metamorphosis is complete and our hearts are aflutter with Joy like the butterfly. Kaleidoscopic designs featuring watery brush strokes tessellating and forming abstract patterns. We have interpreted the designs in nature in our fabrics for the home. A secret garden in bloom with opening buds, seeking butterflies, and our attention. Colorful stripers with joyful details like tassels.

That Festive Feeling

Usher in a season of intimate celebrations with our all-new barware. We are embracing the
Joy of Missing Out - at home, with those who matter most. Intimate gatherings with striking barware, soothing candles, and glimmering planters. Home is where the celebration is and we are not holding back! Decor accents that bring to life natural elements in their form and glory with bookends, votives, vases, organisers, and mirrors. 

Bright, Bold, and Beautiful

Make room for colorful side tables and consoles, painted sideboards, eclectic tables, and
sofa. Be spoilt for choice as you deck up the home for festivities. Seize every moment and bring the zany energy of celebrations home with a heart full of Joyee!