Nupur Malhotra, 10th November 2020

A Festival of Gratitude and Giving 

It is a show and tell of the cards you hold on poker nights, of cherished recipes - a kitchen novice tries to ace over long calls, a taste of adulthood for those starting a life together.
A time when the home and you both reconnect – through cleaning, revamping, bringing out the crockery, making a feast, and dressing up in your finest.

To Home, With Love

Each year Diwali is a burst of emotions. A celebration of rituals old and new, a homecoming,
a time to raise a toast, savour a drink, and celebrate the inevitable end of another year, before of course December.
But that’s a whole different conversation!

This year prosperity has a whole new meaning. It means a renewed connection with self and the four walls that we have come to call our office, school, cafeteria, dine out delight, all rolled in one – the haven that is home. This pandemic shines new light on what we hold true and dear – our loved ones! A true appreciation of finding comfort in extravagance on self.

We are equally excited about the countdown this November, a Diwali where there is no rush to finish the rounds of gifting. To spend time decking up the home ourselves and then savouring the tinsel with those who mean the most. It’s about a festive fervor of comfort, warmth, and belonging that lingers.





Bring this feeling home, let nature nurture and inspire - designed for the modern home, we bring the colors of flowers in blooms, refracted rainbows, kaleidoscopic, prints, a touch of ephemeral joy borrowed from our everyday surroundings. The muse is a butterfly in flight, the blossoming bud, iridescence from a beetle wing, the depth of a ladybugs red - soft to touch, fleeting beauty- hard to capture yet all around us!

Breathe in, rejoice, revel, and rejuvenate! 

As we hope for a time when we can travel on a whim, meet and greet with abandon, dress up for coffee, and say adieu to athleisure. The only constant being the home, cultivated to be a sanctum of solace when we return tanned, a delight when we host without apprehension, a hot spot on game nights with non-stop bustle till the wee morning hours! When friends and strangers alike meet under the twinkling lights and form bonds that transcend a lifetime.

Till we unite under the canopy of stars again, say you care, take a moment, pick out thoughtful accents to convey to your loved ones - they are cherished. We bring you a curation that will become an inextricable part of their life, just like they are in yours. Evoke joy every day!

The times may be mellow but the spirits are definitely high! As we pause and reflect, take the time to see the candle lights dim, fill the room with their heavenly scent, hold the hand of your beloved, and thank that the stars aligned. We pay homage to the home that has been a shelter and hope for a radiant tomorrow.