Nupur Malhotra - August 7th, 2020

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Make The Ordinary Come Alive

We delve into the intricacies of styling and comfort food with Eeshan Kashyap. We find out what tickles Chef Eeshan's tastebuds. Eeshan is partner at Pass Code hospitality and we love him for his maverick style and unique take on art, culture, and food. He is the mind behind the uber cool Ping's, Jamun, Saz, and PCO.
Find him on instagram @eeshankas

As we take a breather from the outside world and nest at home, there is no time like now to get into the kitchen and create a little magic.

When you celebrate everyday joys or the big milestones we bring you 'FT Curates'- a selection of quick and elaborate styling tips , recipes from culinary experts and kitchens across the globe, handpicked especially for you by Freedom Tree.

For the first edition we delve into the intricacies of styling and comfort food with Eeshan Kashyap (@eeshankas)


Eeshan's Ode to the humble khichadi.

Everyone who close to me knows that I love eating food in one bowl and Khichadi the most. I love khichadi and experiment each time to make the normal slightly fun.
From a mutton stew Khichadi, broccoli khichdi, and even pumpkin khichadi with coco dust. Making my humble dish exciting.

What is comfort food to you?

Comfort food for me is something which is easy to cook, interesting enough to make me happy and not so fussy. Like a simple khichadi with lots of toppings...

Dressing up food at home - an indulgence or ritual?

Honestly, I celebrate food every day. We lay our table every day and have fun with the crockery, cutlery, glassware, and setups. Mix-match textures, materials, and even seats.
Its a ritual and one must do it. With the lock down, the setups have even become more bizarre with big palm leaves as my underlined to food being served on sculptures.

Mix- Match Textures, Materials, It's a ritual and one must do it.
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