Nupur Malhotra - August 17th, 2020

Bed Design Ideas for your home 

You spend a third of your life in bed. It’s that special companion with whom you tie a real relationship of conviviality. When choosing a bed, you generally expect to keep it for quite a while, your choice should be based not only on comfort and design but space constraints as well. It’s important to choose a bed that fits your lifestyle and sleeping preferences- is it just you, or a partner that demands more space? You also want a bed that’s comfortable to lounge in on the weekends.

Top considerations when choosing a bed
One of the reasons for updating our bedroom is that we are in dire need of a new bed. It’s well past it sleep well date!

The size of the room
Do you have space for a large bed or are you constrained for space? This will help you decide on the bed design.
Do you have children and pets?
A low bed may be the answer to your needs, so the kids can easily climb into the bed. Choose a higher bed if it is an adults-only home.
Storage requirement
A spacious bedroom is a dream, but outfitting it with accents that speak to that scale is key—choosing the right kind of side table(s) or drawers can have a huge impact on the overall look of the room.
Living Solo or with a partner
If you are on your own or just looking to furnish the spare room you may even look at a single bed or a pull-out. 

How to choose your style ?
There are modern beds, traditional beds, beds with storage and so many other kinds. They come in all shapes, sizes and when you start looking you might be surprised by the choice available. You are certain to find one that matches your preferences. 

Tropical Modern
Modern bed designs have a clean minimalistic structure, that makes it easier to install and less demanding on space. Crafted in fine teak wood or carved beechwood they lend an easy tropical vibe to the room. Leaving it airy and allows for experimentation with other elements.

Day Bed
A day bed can easily double as a sofa. It works great in narrow rooms and is functional as a guest bed when the need arises. Choose a slim diwan sized bed with side armrests for when it is a sofa or a light sofa has smartly curved armrests, with slats on the base. Our pull-out bed version is the most comfortable conversion sofa-bed. Most of our designs can be customised as a pull-out bed, get in touch with us to know more. 

Headboards may be difficult to move once in place but their forms offer interest, texture, and style to a bedroom space and they certainly add more character. If you want to move a bed you’ll also need to check if you can take apart the base and move each part separately (including dismantling any inbuilt storage), it’s usually tougher because you would need to take it apart (if you can) and then move each part separately. 

Old world charm 
Memories of childhood are inextricably woven into this. It was the furniture style at our home, and many a home, in the sixties. The wicker bed embodies the airy spirit of the times. Open and flexible, it steps easily into this century with its natural and crafted hand-woven wicker. It is a light bed, for living areas, bedrooms, or transitional rooms. The Wicker series comes with it’s matching side table and the uber chic twin-seater. Transform the bedroom into an ultimate tropical paradise with the woven wicker series.

Tropical Paradise - Nara

Create an atmosphere that gives off an approachable, casual, tropical feel. Perfect for working, relaxing, or daydreaming. Designed in straight-edged teak wood, finished with a sophisticated yet bold polish and veneer base. Nara the silent line of furniture from Freedom Tree quietly applauds artisanal craftsmanship and simple materials. Revel in the pleasure of island living at home with Nara.

Nara Bed

Now that you have finalised the bed, check our new collection of a soft and plush range of bed linen inspired by the intricate textures, the complexity of the patterns, and the inner nurturing environment within a seed. Create a sense of oneness with nature with our Seed Bedlinen.