Nupur Malhotra 3rd September, 2020

Our Design Studio Presents:

With childlike wonder, we observe as nature unravels around us. As it grows untamed, wild, and free it feeds into our imagination and brings to life an enchanted paradise. This season we rejoice with Earth Song as nature marvels us with its resilience and strength. The Seeds we sowed in Spring bloom into this visual cornucopia of designs explored through our print language and color syntax. The designs are earthy and bring together the elements of nature with our signature prints from the past decade.

As we enjoy the last splashes of rain wash over us before they give way to the nostalgia of fall. Our habitat morphs the change in nature, our pace lowers. We get used to the grind from home, the humdrum of zoom schooling, shared meals and chores, picking up new domestic skills, pausing to admire our surroundings, cherishing the moments at home - the mundane and the milestones!

We invite you to tune in to the rhythm around you, pause and listen in to 

Earth Song

We are acutely aware of the nurturing at home, our calm retreat, a safe zone, a meditative oasis. We bring you pieces that amplify this serenity. The burgeoning life, sprouting of the seeds, all that has been nurtured within - fulfilling its ultimate destiny. Earth Song is the beat of changing seasons, captured deftly in fabrics, dining, furniture, and decor elements. Our design team brings you Earth Song, the alchemy of elements in print, color, and spirit.

The Collection symbolizes growth, playfulness, and an untamed wild verve deftly captured in prints and heightened with color. It reconfigures and reconnects the human connection with nature.

Earth Song Cushions on Big Easy Sofa with Tamarai Stripe Upholstery

Elemental Colors

Balmy Blues. Deep Terracottas. Earthy Browns

We take from the refreshed shades of the ground after a downpour, the glistening leaves, the clear blue skies. The softer pinks of clay, pale greys and the balmy blues of the clear flowing water. The palette is earthy, grounded and subtly calming. The two horizons meet and are a canvas for the burgeoning tropical life of the Keora print. Budding botanical renderings in different forms take center stage on an earthy, terracotta base in Palash. The loamy colors of the earth after rains and the deep blues of the vast sea bring alive an enchanted forest in Wonderland. A natural seamless fit in every kind of home.

Rich browns and flaming terracotta come together in bed linens and accent cushions for a calming, restful bedroom retreat. A home as cool as the dwellers with breezy living space where conversations flow. Grounded fashionably with earth colors and the ever changing blue skies. 

A Coming Together

The collection brings together easy to mix styles for the home. Our signature designs, in ageless colors and universal appeal across home fabrics, dining, furniture, decor, and accessories. 

We are reviving our earlier designs as part of our 10 years 1000 designs - Wonderland, Palash, Keora. A decade of print forms come together in our upholstery fabrics, bed linen, and accent cushions. Textural highlights prevail with our signature pom-pom cushions in a new palette. Smoky grays coupled with changing blues, the blush of the sky at dawn and reimagined terracotta reds that are grounding and not ethnic. They also make a surprise highlight and elevate our furniture collection.

Wonderland Tree, Jiva, and Taupe Pom Pom Cushion

Something for Every Room and Mood

We are travelling at a lowered pace, transitioning from seasons. The months go by, this change of phases is captured on furniture surfaces in the semicircular arcs of the moon. We bring the color palette to the forefront in the facade of storage pieces. The furniture encapsulates modern, simplistic designs for the home. Raw organic textures mixed with sleek and contemporary - melange of mid-century. Like the Phases console, modular stackable shelves carefully crafted to bring a modern allure and functionality together. Sliding doors that save space and maximise style.

Comfy seating, easy storage desks and flat pack modular elements that are easy and light to occupy different rooms. You may choose to work out of the study or move your work console to catch a glimpse of the stars near the balcony. 

Phases consol and sideboard series in Teak wood with Palash printed rug

Our studio glaze dinnerware range, Green Fields.

For the dining enthusiasts, our studio glaze dinnerware range, Green Fields, brings the outdoors in with organic elegance. The fresh hues of deep green after the rains are reflected in the glossy studio line glaze finish. It is reminiscent of grassy knolls and lush gardens. It complements our hand-painted bakeware collection ‘Samanea’ that has cake stands, quiche and baking dishes, ramekins, tapas plates all with modern renderings of the delicate Rain Tree blooms.

Earth Song is an ode to the cycle of life. Natural rhythms, the change in seasons, and in tandem, our lifestyles. The sown seeds sprout and come to life, grow and spread with abandon. The collection aims at blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors, between solitude and new connections. A home that mirrors a hibernating nature begins to bloom in all its resplendent glory.

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You have already sown
Good and faithful seeds
You have already started this journey
Keep watering
Keep letting the daylight bring things to life
One day at a time: you’ve got this
And may you never compare your garden to anyone else’s
Have gratitude for how you have already grown
And let every season teach you what it needs to teach you
Whether you are sowing new seeds
Or pulling up old weeds
Let this season be what it needs to be
And keep watering those seeds you have already sown