Udanti Upholstery Fabric (Pink/Orange)
Buy Udanti Upholstery Fabric (Pink/Orange) Online | Freedomtree.in
Buy Udanti Upholstery Fabric (Pink/Orange) Online | Freedomtree.in
Buy Udanti Upholstery Fabric (Pink/Orange) Online | Freedomtree.in

Udanti Upholstery Fabric (Pink/Orange)

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Explore the pastoral wilderness with Udanti, a wild yet structured narrative that encapsulates the essence of rural life. As tigers, monkeys, bulls, and birds calmly coexist within a wondrous landscape, the beauty of nature emerges from collective harmony. Naively rendered in a wood-cut inspired style, Udanti reflects a return to roots with a graphic expression of kinship and the abundance that flows within it. Freedom Tree presents Unbound: Rooted, Connected, and Free. Rooted in tradition, yet expansive in exploration, Summer 2021 collectionour welcomes you to a world that finds joy in simplicity and magic in every moment.

  • Material: COTTON DUCK
  • Size: 58 IN
  • Color: PINK/ORANGE
  • Colors are represented as accurately as possible but may vary slightly from what is seen on screen.
  • Fabric, once ordered, is custom cut, and cannot be returned or exchanged unless there is a recognizable quality issue.
  • Care Instructions:
    • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
    • Use a vacuum cleaner on low setting to remove dust and residue.
    • DO NOT spot clean or wash using any household liquids or detergents.
    • If upholstery is removable, gentle hand-wash with lukewarm water. If upholstery is fixed, you may use a sponge with warm water to gently clean the surfaces. Do not rub. Air dry only.
  • Learn more about caring for your fabric with our TEXTILE CARE GUIDE.

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