When you are setting up a home or starting to shop for a makeover, there is so much to think of. You have a wonderful dream and want someone to make that a reality.

Now, help is at hand. If you like the easy living at Freedom Tree, you know we have the expertise to get you there. Book a consultation with our designers, who create the fresh colors, the textiles, the furniture and styling.

We can help you put the look together and make the experience of doing up a home a joy!

How can we help you?

Meet our Design Curator

Every Freedom Tree store in Mumbai or Goa is headed by a Design Curator. Talk to them in person about your décor needs, and view the pieces with them.

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Book a Design Service Online. A step by step guide is sent out and a talented team works closely with you to give a concept and colors for your

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Our Design team is constantly tracking tends and color. On our blog, read our take on things that we have seen and places we have been!

Meet the Design Curator 


The Mahalaxmi Store is in the midst of Mumbai’s chic mill district. A creative hub, it is surrounded by photography studios, artisanal eateries, media houses and of course great home stores. This store adjoins our Design Studio where all the happy creativity is in play. Pop in for a peek any day of the week. Abhilasha heads this Studio showcase. A textile designer she has an unerring sense of matching design sensibility to personality. She is the go to person for habitués from the architect and interior design fraternity. 


Meet the Design Curator 


If Bandra is the queen of the suburbs, Freedom Tree attracts its creative hearts! Musicians, marketers and style mavens all pass thru our doors. Since our days of TaketeMaluma inthe 90’s, we like to think of ourselves as a sure shot design store for hard working professionals and creative homemakers in that locale. Palak Sharma, is the sunshine textile designer heading this location off trendy Turner Road. She will find the right style piece to mix and match for your home. A state level taekwondo champ, she gives your creative energy the right nudge. 


Meet the Design Curator 


Where the world comes to relax…. Freedom Tree rests easy in Sangolda, Goa. Housed in a beautiful Portugese villa in hip North Goa, it’s on the way to the beach strip or crossing over to the exotic residential havens. The notion of Goa, ends with everyone wanting a dream home here! Poonam Pandit is our Design Curator, with an impeccable sense of perfection. A resident of Goa, she is a style maven to steer you correctly, bridging your move from the city to the resort life style. Poonam is a textile designer with her own brand of artisanal woven stoles and fabric.