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Designer decorative wall mirrors for living room & bedroom

A touch of class with beautiful handcrafted glass. Give your place the illusion of more space or simply uplift your vanity chamber with these exquisite beauties. Explore an original series of small and large decorative wall mirror designs from Freedom Tree.

Spruce up your wall with our decorative wall mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most stylish of them all? Why obviously our Nira Wall Art. Or it could also be our Keora Wall art. Or it most likely is our Stepwell Wall Mirror. With so many designer mirrors for the living room, the bedroom and the foyeur, your house can’t look anything but tres chic!

Adorn your walls with designer mirrors

With scores of varied decorative wall mirrors to choose from, every wall will become a canvas, and every room can have its unique flavour. Whether you seek a wall mirror that has colour, gold accents or is minimalist, we have got you covered. Mirrors are like wall art that add depth and space to the room, enhancing the luxurious effect.

Buy wall mirror online

We have mirror adornments in every shape and size, like our Freedom Tree long wall mirror and our Mehrab Aqua sky medium mirror that comes in a set of two. Our Morvi mirror naturally speaks of an age gone by with its antique charm. The Shikra wall mirror creates a strong focal point and bins the room together. Our one guarantee is - You just won’t be able to look away. Buy decorative wall mirrors online at and let your home metamorphosize.

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