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Get Lampshades online for your floor lamps and table lamps

Mix and match your table lamps with a choice of colors or prints for Lampshades online for your living room and bedroom. Bring in that perfect pop of color to your space with our signature lampshade designs. You can even find contemporary lampshades for your floor lamps, to complement it's modern look. And, if you like any of our fabric prints, we can even customize your lampshade in that fabric. 

Mix and match printed lamp shades

Now that you got the lamp, pick out the right lamp shade to complete the look. Choose from a plethora of shapes, colors and prints to fit the look you desire. Some of the styles and sizes include tapered, drum, wider drum and tiny tapered. For a classic lamp shade, go for a neutral shade and the classic drum shape-try our Solid large drum lampshade in beige. If you are looking for a lampshade for a kid or teenagers room- try our Nalku tiny taper lamp shade. Or if a home office or desk top needs a lampshade - our wireframe medium taper lampshade is for you.

Illuminate- Designer lamp shades Online for you

A lamp shade for the living room can instantly spruce up the ambience. Our designer lamp shades like the Madia medium drum lamp shade in gold, Mombaye large drum lamp shade (multi colored) and the Kamu medium taper drum lamp shade in red are the perfect accents for a house or office that is elegant and sophisticated. Tapered shades work well with decorative or ornate lamp bases, while contemporary drum shades suit modern or minimal styles. With the classic tapered shade, light is spread downward through the wide brim. Drum shades have a wide cylindrical shape that allow light to flow both upward and downward.

Buy Lamp shades online in India at Freedom Tree

By browsing through our best lamp shades online and letting our catalog transport you to designer spaces, you can explore India’s finest range of lamp shades for your contemporary home & modern office. Shopping online is easy & safe, and our living room furniture items are safely delivered across India for free. With zero hidden costs, all our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping charges.

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