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Shop our designer curtains online for your doors and windows, in cotton and sheer fabric

Designed by Freedom Tree's in-house color design studio, explore a wide-range of Cotton Curtains and Sheer Curtains.From summer sheers to cotton blinds, we've got it all. Available in various sizes for your windows, doors, etc. with designs that are perfect for your kids room to your bedroom and for your creative office as well as living room. Order our designer curtains online with ease. Free shipping across India on orders above Rs.1,999.

Let our experts help you find the perfect curtains online:

Luxurious Designer Curtains Online for Your Home

Window dressing makes all the difference to a room, from playing peekaboo with sunshine in the morning to keeping things in at dusk and ensuring a good shut-eye – they enhance the décor and are utility max. We bring you an array of drapes, curtains, and other window treatments to suit your needs and preferences.

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