Happy Furniture Day Mom

It’s time you celebrate, the first face you saw after that of God’s, the face you used to see before the bright sunshine would pour on your face, the glimpse of who’s face made all fears and challenges look small. This is the face of the woman who gave you life, wiped away your tears and made you smile. Yes Mother’s Day is right round the corner. It’s the day when you officially say ‘thank you’ to your hardworking mom who has played more than just one role. Give her freedom with Freedom Tree this year.

To celebrate this day in a more lavish fashion we have brought you some of our few masterpieces that are surely to bring a long deep smile on your beloved mother’s face.


Carved ‘Sides’ For Smiles

Here are some great options to freshen up the living room. You can pair these stunning wooden artworks with a stack of books, a hot mug of coffee, a dim lamp or anything your mom would love to have besides her when she wakes up in the morning. With loads of pretty designs available you surely are not going empty handed.

Comfort Of The Quilts

They say there is no better place to sleep other than your mother’s lap, but ever thought where the best place for a mother to sleep is? It’s on a comfortable and warm quilt. We bring you a line-up of patterns, colourful prints and designs to make the living space more than just beautiful. From faint to bright we bring you a grand collection to choose from.

Dine To Delight

For a mother a dining table is not just associated to a table on which we have food, it’s a lot more than that. You playing hide and seek under the diner, she making you do the homework, you making the fuss over food and milk and many more things are what she associates that diner with. Rejuvenate those memories by bringing home a dining table that is not just stunning in looks but also a pleasing reminder of those memories.

Swaying With Elegance

Every piece of furniture is a flashback of hundreds of memories for you and in the case of your mom its thousands. So just throwing away that furniture might be a great deal for your mom. Upholstery is a great way of reviving that vintage furniture, new and attractive fabrics will bring that vintage furniture back to life with those memories yet intact.



Aurora At Home

Every table is incomplete without a lamp light. It is this combination that makes you keep saying the word “perfect” again and again. With plenty of alluring designs and patterns at your disposal your mom is sure to keep herself as close to the lamp as possible.

While we have listed down a few options for you there are loads more that we offer. So you can choose from our pool of furniture and materials according to your mom’s likes making her the happiest mom this Mother’s Day. For a sneak-peak of our collection and other products you can always log in to our website.