cushions and sofa sets

The present slips easily into nostalgia for the past. We always tend to find comfort in the old and familiar, things that remind us of childhood, of treasured memories.

Sunlight streaming in through the windows, flaming gulmohar flirting with the breeze, you at the window seat reading a heart-warming book as a smile lingers on your lips... Such moments away from the frenzy of modern life are the ones that truly make one grateful and present in the now.

That old picture that you use as a bookmark, the hand sewn tablecloth by your mother that still adorns your side table go on to convey that no matter how modern our homes may be, handcrafted and familial gems always complete the picture.

Freedom Tree’s vivacious spring summer collection HERE IS NOW takes from the essence of nature to convey the feeling of nostalgia and of being grateful for the present moment. It seamlessly brings together craftsmanship, creativity and verve, ideal for a modern home. Nuances such as weaves and bold floral prints will make you nostalgic. Global aesthetics such as mixed materials, inlays and enamel finish will bring effortless style to your space.


Every time we plan a new eclectic collection of handcrafted furniture, fabrics and ceramics for you, we get the opportunity to co-create each product with craftsmen from across the country. Did you know our ceramics are hand painted as well? It’s pure delight to learn from them and share our expertise with them as well. That’s one of the processes we look forward to, as much as we await launching a new collection that moulds itself to your home and brings you happiness and a sense of pride.

Our team of designers and creative partners are so excited to share our Here Is Now Collection, featuring entirely new ranges of furniture, textiles, and ceramics. Let us help you re-imagine your home with lightness, color, and joy this season.

Mohur, the hero print of the Here Is Now Collection is a bold and vivid representation of the turn of the season. We’ve crafted over a dozen bold prints floral and geometric prints, and stiper patterns for this collection. Imagine them on everything from upholstery, curtains, cushions, bedcovers, dohars, and rugs.

Our new furniture range plays with mixed media in ways that are contemporary yet timeless. Raw and asymmetric, our Live Edge furniture range is sleek and minimal in equal measure, ideal for a modern home and living. Don’t miss the cheer and the chutzpah of our rope furniture! It’s the perfect summer furniture, your indoor-hammock, a statement for a relaxed home and lifestyle.

An of course, our glorious Mohur range of ceramic dinnerware, snack and tea-time servers, and decorative vases take pride of place! Hand painted organic strokes gleaming playfully are set to make everyday moments memorable.

It’s time to pause and play. The Here Is Now Collection is available in stores and online, ready to call your home its own. Dream in colors borrowed from nature and enjoy the moment. Feel truly at home, with Freedom Tree.


Roping you in with our new furniture range!

 While modern homes and trends are ever-evolving, many styles make a comeback time and again. We’re most excited by the natural textures and relaxed style of rope furniture. Handwoven, striking, embraced by a sturdy metal under structure, it is durable as well as easy to maintain. Freedom Tree is re-interpreting this blend of modern and traditional in your home with a burst of bright and fluorescent colors.   

Don’t miss the cheer and the chutzpah rope furniture would add to a modern living room. It’s the perfect summer furniture, your indoor-hammock, a statement for a relaxed home and lifestyle. Pair it up with furniture in pastels or go all out with pieces in colorful upholstery. Choose from a variety of accent sofa cushions from our range and get ready to play.

Affordability and comfort come together in rope furniture, and our range from the Here Is Now Collection is a visual treat as well. It’s perfect for entertaining guests in your lounge or curling up with a book in your patio or garden.


With breezy sheer curtains in the background, the colorful furniture would be an ode to the verve and hues of nature.When all by yourself, lounge in our modern and contemporary woven rope chair - Tropica Chair or stretch your toes on the Vasco Lounger after a long day. This white and blue lounger takes inspiration from deck chairs to transport you to a summer holiday by the beach. So stretch your toes, sip a cooler and wash the blues away, sitting at your patio. Even those days when you work from home can now be a luxury. Bring the outdoors in, pause to appreciate the moment and live in the now.



Pair up different modern furniture pieces such as the Baga Loveseat and the Tree Chair from the rope collection for a burst of color and gaiety. Wine and dine with friends, throw the perfect Holi bash, play a game of Scrabble with your children or even grab a movie with your significant other, the fun lingers on when you are comfortable and at ease.   

Mohur Ceramics

Happy splashy polka dots pattern remind of the carefree days of childhood, when everday was celebrated. It's time again to pause and play. A reminder of carefree days of childhood, where every day was celebrated. It’s time yet again to pause and play. Even pausing to grab your cup of tea and foxnuts to munch is much needed but seldom made possible. Why is that so? Why do you wait for a special occasion to bring out that exquisite dinnerware, when every day can be one. 


Hand painted organic strokes bring our Here Is Now Ceramic Collection to life. It is charming enough for that long-due get together with friends. At the same time, it is all set to make everyday moments memorable. Whether you are a family of two or are a large bunch, our collection takes care of the demands, whims and ease of everyone.
Be it our cheery snack plates for a movie night with family, our gorgeous hand painted tea pot and the striking nut tray for a perfect soiree, the generous sized Java mug for that sinful hot chocolate on a nippy day - each piece is created with love to serve up joy.

Tea-Pots                        Snack-Plate

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here is now

You’re invited to an OPEN HOUSE to meet the Designers of our Spring-Summer ’19 Collection: #HereIsNow.

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Every time we plan a new, eclectic collection of handcrafted furniture, fabrics and ceramics, we get the opportunity to co-create each product with craftsmen from across the country.


It’s time to pause and play.
#HereIsNow #ComingSoon #SS19
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January 03, 2019

B2B, the year that was! 2018


As a trend studio we are very lucky to be looking both ways! When we look at future directions, they are always rooted in early signals, in the here and now. What a rollercoaster year of change it has been! Continuing polarities in political, economic and environmental changes leave their mark on culture, people’s behavior and in emerging trends. As we all seek to navigate the future, let’s see what went down with color and style this past year! We have some visual graphs of what people looked at, liked and loved to take home with them all of this past year.

printed cushions and sofa set


Color always makes people happy. Even living rooms have seen amplification in use of hues! People have used deep relaxed blues with an Artistic styling for living rooms. Tropical Modern homes have been a big trend, with lighter natural light filled spaces, using fresh greens and prints full of foliage and botanical references. This year we also wove neutrals into our color schemes. Trendy yellows with graphic neutral. We saw a softer styling of industrial furniture with woods stained down to a soft colored grey. Neutral tones gave the rooms an instant contemporary chic. 



Trends in food are a great marker of what is becoming mainstream. People just can’t seem to get enough of the sweet-stuff. Delectable colors of mint, coral and cream were top picks by chefs and home cooks alike. Cake stands, ramekins, jugs and mugs made table settings oh so pretty! A flip side saw a huge interest in regional cuisine and specialty cooking. So small plates, unusually shaped unfurling white platters, became the canvas for degustation. Studio pottery, with sumptuous glazes that looked like cosmic orbs, in rich reds and mossy grey greens were a dramatic backdrop to food; with shimmering cutlery in copper and iridescence the highlight!


To some, bedrooms are a silent private zone, while to others a cozy, intimate den. This remains the room in which we are most ready to experiment with colors. Harmonious rooms, with a close color connect seemed to be trending. Bedrooms have become so personal, that almost all color families abound, the reds, the greens, blues yellows and neutral tones. For a silent zone, smoky cerebral colors of grey black and white gave us all the neutrality required. A need for rest coupled with radiance took us to a fresh palette of yellow and greens. Bedrooms are about intimacy and also about caring. Soft colors of peach and aqua together are like a tender touch to the skin and a gender-neutral combination. Quirky color pop accent in reds on the bed became a talking point for when we were ready to break silence!

bed linen

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For The Seasons - Designers

December 27, 2018



Graphic Visuality and Chief nurturer

My favorite thing to bake is a tart. Lemon, chocolate, peach - I love to marry the vivid colors with freshness from fruits to create a feast for the eyes.

Nothing makes me happier than serving my vanilla souffle with mulberry coulis oozing out of that remekin.



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Changing Faces Changing Places

December 27, 2018

face textile collection


You're a Red person, You're not.

Whatever your mood and style may be,we've got you covered.

Changing faces Changing places!

Here's our Faces textile collection in a New Neutral.

face to face upholstery fabric face cushions

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Red Moon Collection

December 27, 2018



Inspired by The Red Moon, this dinnerware is rendered in studio pottery glazes.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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For The Season

December 27, 2018

for the season


Visual Merchandiser and perfectionist :

I observe and obsess over the small details of every product. The construction, make and orientation of things is what catches my eye every time.

Forme, beauty lies in perfection!


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Luminous Lamp

December 27, 2018

floor lampfloor lamp


Freedom Tree's latest range of lamps takes a cue from refined industrial-style living. They have a poise that fits right in into the chic aesthetic of a modern Indian home. With names inspired by astronomical instruments and constellations, the lamps are designed to take you Into The Light this festive season.

luminous lamps

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A Look For Every Table

December 27, 2018

table and kitchen linens


Kyoto :

Runner in happy sunshine yellow with our classic must-have Kyoto ceramics!

Geoglee : 

Mats in rose and charcoal with Ochre soup bowl and a sprinkling of polka dots!





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Hold me close this Christmas!

December 27, 2018

woven tweeds

Hold me close … keep me warm… lazy days with endless hot-chocolate and snuggles. Are we out of marshmallows already?

Freedom Tree's new range of luxurious woven tweeds is an code to the turn of season

The exquisite textures are slubbed and variegated in color, mirroring the calm of nature.

Add some instant cosiness and a dash of fun to your sofa or bed with these warm tweed throws with the pom poms.

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