Luminous Lamp

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Freedom Tree's latest range of lamps takes a cue from refined industrial-style living. They have a poise that fits right in into the chic aesthetic of a modern Indian home. With names inspired by astronomical instruments and constellations, the lamps are designed to take you Into The Light this festive season.

luminous lamps


Our new range is a love letter to South India!
In an age and time when regionalism is being uniquely mined for Identity, at Freedom Tree Design Studio, we take prid...
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Namaskara Bengaluru!
Freedom Tree has planted itself to bloom amidst the Garden City of India. We welcome you to relish the tranquility of...
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Freedom Tree X Soda Bottle Opener Wala
We got together with the Soda Bottle Opener Wala team and picked out our favorite monsoon snacks. Talk about the Rig...
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