Spring Summer Collection 2019 - Here Is Now!

The present slips easily into nostalgia for the past. We always tend to find comfort in the old and familiar, things that remind us of childhood, of treasured memories.

Sunlight streaming in through the windows, flaming gulmohar flirting with the breeze, you at the window seat reading a heart-warming book as a smile lingers on your lips... Such moments away from the frenzy of modern life are the ones that truly make one grateful and present in the now.

That old picture that you use as a bookmark, the hand sewn tablecloth by your mother that still adorns your side table go on to convey that no matter how modern our homes may be, handcrafted and familial gems always complete the picture.

Freedom Tree’s vivacious spring summer collection HERE IS NOW takes from the essence of nature to convey the feeling of nostalgia and of being grateful for the present moment. It seamlessly brings together craftsmanship, creativity and verve, ideal for a modern home. Nuances such as weaves and bold floral prints will make you nostalgic. Global aesthetics such as mixed materials, inlays and enamel finish will bring effortless style to your space.


Every time we plan a new eclectic collection of handcrafted furniture, fabrics and ceramics for you, we get the opportunity to co-create each product with craftsmen from across the country. Did you know our ceramics are hand painted as well? It’s pure delight to learn from them and share our expertise with them as well. That’s one of the processes we look forward to, as much as we await launching a new collection that moulds itself to your home and brings you happiness and a sense of pride.

Our team of designers and creative partners are so excited to share our Here Is Now Collection, featuring entirely new ranges of furniture, textiles, and ceramics. Let us help you re-imagine your home with lightness, color, and joy this season.

Mohur, the hero print of the Here Is Now Collection is a bold and vivid representation of the turn of the season. We’ve crafted over a dozen bold prints floral and geometric prints, and stiper patterns for this collection. Imagine them on everything from upholstery, curtains, cushions, bedcovers, dohars, and rugs.

Our new furniture range plays with mixed media in ways that are contemporary yet timeless. Raw and asymmetric, our Live Edge furniture range is sleek and minimal in equal measure, ideal for a modern home and living. Don’t miss the cheer and the chutzpah of our rope furniture! It’s the perfect summer furniture, your indoor-hammock, a statement for a relaxed home and lifestyle.

An of course, our glorious Mohur range of ceramic dinnerware, snack and tea-time servers, and decorative vases take pride of place! Hand painted organic strokes gleaming playfully are set to make everyday moments memorable.

It’s time to pause and play. The Here Is Now Collection is available in stores and online, ready to call your home its own. Dream in colors borrowed from nature and enjoy the moment. Feel truly at home, with Freedom Tree.