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Freedom Tree is branching out and setting up a second home in Goa - an exquisite new store in the Galleria, at the Grand Hyatt, Bambolim. Just a stone’s throw away from Panjim, the Color Edit concept store distills our boldest color palettes and statement pieces into a refreshingly familiar Freedom Tree experience. Read More

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plate, bowls and vases

Inspired by ancient traditions and Southern Kingdoms, Freedom Tree’s newest dinnerware collection is a feast for the senses. Just in time for your Festive dinner parties and evening gatherings, Kongu brings a new level of class and formality, with that ever-present - irrelevantly playful - Freedom Tree style.  

dinner plate and napkin

We take inspiration from the monumental architecture and ancient traditions of the Southern Peninsula. Gopurams in vivid polychromy, numinous kadamba trees, and sacred temple tanks illustrate this festive Kongu dinnerware.

serving bowls

As with every ceramic collection at Freedom Tree, we begin our work by turning our inspiration into color palettes and reference illustrations. These designs are developed in our studio and hand-painted with the same strokes that will eventually be uniquely made on each and every ceramic piece.

color palettes

Every piece is eventually hand-painted by master craftsmen, fired in a traditional oven to impart ceramic’s legendary toughness, and made microwave and dishwasher safe. Beautiful as art on your table or wall. Made in a limited edition.


Speaking of art, the heroes of this collection are our stunning hand-illustrated platters and servers.

serving platters

The Kongu round serving platter has painted little mounds of earth, each with a magical plant. A fruit plate, a cheese platter or serving the best biryani! Water waves and earth mounds hold magical plants in handpainted sprays. Earthy colors of terra ochre and aqueous teal make this Kongu oval plate vividly attractive. A beautiful small shrine a pond, floral clouds and waving fronds. A sanctuary awaits on this Kongu oval platter. Mythical trees, floriated palms and waving fronds. Find a southern tropical landscape on this Kongu rectangular platter. Make it India modern with moreish starters?

serving plates

Last but not least, the Kongu octagonal platter epitomizes this dinnerware range. The rising polychromatic pyramid takes center stage, with an even more intricate structure in the background. All held together with red detailing marking the borders of what is a sanctified space. Everything you serve on this platter will be an offering of love.

serving bowls

Speaking of serving up love, this collection is made for generous gatherings with the closest friends and family. Picture all those family favorites from biriyanis and raitas to halwas and gulab jamuns. For a Southern twist, our favorites always include idlis, aapams, and ishtew for you!


snack servers


Whether it’s a large and formal sit-down dinner or a more casual buffet-style menu, Kongu will fit right into your festivities this season. Our snack servers are also not to be missed as they make the perfect accompaniment of peanuts and kebabs from your evening chai to your late-night card parties.
Feast like the kings of old this season, be transported to those monumental imperial times, re-invented for the modern home and palette.

kongu ceramics



under the southern sun


Don’t miss our Festive 2019 Collection: Under the Southern Sun. Our love letter to the sun-kissed peninsula with beautifully illustrated printed cushions and rugs, bedcovers. Give your home that festive look with exquisite printed and woven upholstery and traditionally inspired decor and accents.

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Our new range is a love letter to South India!
In an age and time when regionalism is being uniquely mined for Identity, at Freedom Tree Design Studio, we take pride in casting our eyes to the fabulous historical kingdoms and outposts of Southern India. With the opening of our store in Bengaluru, this is our love letter to the sun kissed peninsula, our new range – Under the Southern Sun.

Culture inspires Creativity 


Inspired by the design team’s travel to South India, our new range showcases patterns and colours that reminisce of the coastal towns of Madhurai, Karur, Pollachi, Chettinad and Kochi - vivid colorful facets in every location. Heady southern scents, silks, spices, idols, and woodwork dance and music tradition is imbued with a richness of antiquity which is respected and lived.

A New Color Language




We identify an amplified, electric, and polychromatic palette, embracing colors and tones new and old. There is high voltage on both hue and contrast. In the local markets, the popular taste is tempted with surprisingly bright colors and shine subsumed into everyday simplicity. We can’t wait to refresh, renew, and sanctify the home this season, with the familiar, the playful and colorful.



Under the Southern Sun reveals a New Regionalism, inspired by heritage, where tradition meets trend. Let’s discover something new in the familiar as we update and upgrade our homes for the coming season. See this love letter unfold into accent cushionsrugs, fabrics, and (upcoming) dinnerware collections

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Namaskara Bengaluru!

August 15, 2019

Freedom Tree has planted itself to bloom amidst the Garden City of India. We welcome you to relish the tranquility of our Store whilst experiencing some of the best contemporary and abstract designs of Modern India. A work of many heads, hands, and hearts that come together to deliver an exuberant look and feel, just for you.


Landing in the heart of Indiranagar in Bengaluru, we've spent four months renovating an old family home from the 60s: Spare lines, beautiful woodwork, slit windows that catch unexpected light, was a natural homecoming for Freedom Tree. We partnered with Goa-based architects Studio Matter to transform this family home into a statement for Freedom Tree. Our space is bright, airy and contemporary, yet celebrates the history of this fast-changing neighborhood and characterful home!

You won't believe the transformation.

Check out the before and after:

Freedom Tree Indiranagar - before and after

Our busiest bees at work putting the finishing touches on the interior:

worker giving finishing touches on the interior

 And, what an interior! Everything that the home and heart desire: furniture, fabrics, cushions, rugs, ceramics, and all kinds of decor and lighting! For fans of Freedom Tree, re-discover your favorite collections in a whole new setting. For new members of the trip, experience the epiphany of color and contemporary Indian design in this corner of Bengaluru.

The entrance to the store is from a converted garage space. Encounter our featured collections and latest arrivals in this dramatic low-ceiling space.

curtains and cushions

Next, you'll experience our ceramics and gifting sections. From exquisite mugs to hand-painted dinnerware ranges, and unique tabletop accessories and signature fragrances, there's something for everyone for every budget!

ceramic ware & gifting accessories


 The highlight is surely our textiles room, on the tranquil mezzanine level. Delicious upholstery, inspiring prints, bed linens, cushions, and rugs. Virtually everything you need to give your existing living and bedroom a complete designer facelift. 

bed linen and cushion

 And there's more - a special section for serious furniture purchases, hanging racks of rugs galore, and a profusion of lighting options - pendants, table lamps, and floor accents. 

What are you waiting for?

Freedom Tree Indira Nagar Store Location

 Come visit our home store in your city and experience happiness in the store while picking some of our exclusive collection.

Call us : +91 9606708787
Visit us - #301, 6th Main Road, Defence Colony, Indira Nagar, Bangalore-560038, India

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August 05, 2019


July 02, 2019

Vriksha Nursery Collaboration

Planter Pots

Nestled in a quiet neighbourhood in Andheri West, is an oasis of greenery and sheer lush beauty. The Vriksha Nursery and Freedom Tree came together for a one of a kind collaboration for this season of greens! The Nursery is a gem located in the heart of Andheri and has been around for 39 years. Their stunning succulents and an assortment of cactuses as well as leafy greens made our newest collection of planters look oh so adorable!

Desk Planter

The quaint nursery can be visited anytime before 6 in the evening, and is easily accessible from all basic modes of transport. The first thing we noticed as we entered, were some furry friends that we immediately fell in love with and secondly, a beautiful distressed swing that seemed to tie the whole place together. The entire vibe had us in awe. With well over 500 species of plants, the place has a very calming yet energetic atmosphere and everywhere we looked, we saw greens that we’ve never heard of! We began our day taking a few rounds of the space in its entirety and then picked out the plants that would go perfectly with our planters. Then began the potting process with the talented team at Vriksha that helped us understand the care and maintenance of these succulents as well. This mainly includes avoiding harsh sunlight and watering them moderately about alternate days. 

Flower Pots

Our collaboration with Vriksha comes at the best possible time. The rains have hit the coast and we’re all ready for that greenery. These planters are perfect for everyday work nooks and bring much needed freshness to the professional environment or seamlessly blend into your decor as Table Accents

We're doing a giveaway! Take home a plant from Vriksha, with every order of desk planters you place at our Bandra store! Offer valid till stocks last - so make sure you get their on time!









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We got together with the Soda Bottle Opener Wala team and picked out our favorite monsoon snacks. Talk about the Right Season, the Right Ceramic Dinner Plates, and the Right Time! Check out our favorite pics from our day staying in plating up with the Rainshine Dinnerware Collection.




So, what was on the menu?

Chilli cheese pakoda
Mangalorian prawns /veg
Chutney paneer pakoda
Teen daal ka bhajiya
Twisted papeta bhajiya

Palak chaat
Raj kachori
Classic ragda pattice
Delhi aloo chaat
Makai ki chatpatti chaat

Mmm....hungry yet?

Find your closest Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Inspired to host your own Pakoda Party?


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There are people who love summer; others come to life in the bracing chill of winter. The monsoons, a wet grey time, are such a relief and hold a special meaning for us Indians. The rain is rendered in music, art, food and emotions. We must be the only nation that romanticizes the season. More so in the first week of its onslaught.

monsoon season

We all love the monsoons. The dramatic clouds building up, ominous and grey. The tall buildings catching a flash of light and shining pallidly in a brave sliver of sun. Most of all, there is the efflorescence of green. Even before the first drops of rain fall, the vivid transparent green of plant life is pregnant with the promise of new life.

“Slanting silver ropes slammed into loose earth,
ploughing it up like gunfire.”

— The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy


home decor items  

Freedom Tree joyfully celebrates its Monsoon 2019 Collection - Secret Garden - marking the return of the rains, with its lush greenery and abundant moisture. Savor the discovery of Pockets of Green in the urban environment, the moments where rain and wind rustle through the palms outside your window, and you snuggle in with a warm snack after a day of play. Secret Garden evokes the small spaces of cool and green you might find at the end of a quiet by-lane or create in your home against the background of rainy skies.

cushions & decorative pillows

Secret Garden invites you to create Pockets of Green in your home. Quiet corners where you can retreat and snuggle up with a cherished book, surround yourself with Lush Greenery, and while away the hours contemplating the monsoon skies. The range features over a dozen new Textiles prints  and illustrative designs for the bedroom and living room, raw and natural furniture including the explosive Molotov Bar and Sideboard Series. Rainshine is a playful range of handpainted ceramic dinnerware and serverware with freewheeling strokes that evoke a day of playing in the rain. Deliciously colored ceramic desk planters make the perfect addition to your kitchen window or veranda. A miniature forest comes indoors and we live again in an enchanted world!

storage cabinet & table

As always, the hero of our collection are our Screen Printed Textiles - all designed in our trend studio in Mumbai, and printed locally.  The textural feel of different fabrics and hypnotic illustrations transport you to your Secret Garden in the monsoons, with options for everyone!

upholstery fabric

The lush botanical look features the sensational Panai print, named after the celestial palm in Tamil. Sink into a moss and leaf covered forest floor with our textured tweeds and green prints. To bring an urban and modern touch to a tropical home, look no further than the Salaka print, which is reminiscent of timeless handmade weaves. The Secret Pool print invites you in with cool water lapping gently on this modern design. Liquid graphic forms catch the glint of light.

Secret Garden Cushions

The Rainshine dinnerware collection encapsulates a trend for healthy eating and casual dining. Each piece is hand painted in the colors of life giving rainwaters, and bursts of sunshine. Designed in watery colors of liquid blue, glazed green, delicious mango, lush lime and indigo infusion, the strokes freewheel across the handpainted ceramic line. A happy collection that speaks of family meals and transitions of time;  of growing up and greening, of playtime and plating up.

serveware & platter

Rain and water is also about reflection and mirror images. A quiet internal reflection, a moment of contemplation. It is mesmerizing to stare into ponds and see the mirrored image of a landscape, extending it in more than one dimension. When the sun shines through clouds, light reflects off pools of water, filling the atmosphere with unexpected passing reflections. Secret Garden also features an all new series of Lighting and Mirrors to cut the gloom and reflect light into your indoor sanctuary. Superbly crafted modern industrial lights with touches of nature and fluid whimsy will add an elegant frame to any modern home.

pendant lamp

Monsoon is here with its operatic theater that pours down with glint of grey gunmetal in quick, silvery smooth action. It not only is a visual sensation but assaults the auditory and relentlessly infuses our senses with fragrance. It is time to renew, to explore, and celebrate cozy moments in our homes and in our hearts. Join us in this ode to the Great Indian Season with Secret Garden Monsoon 2019. 


Secret Garden is available in Store and Online now.


#monsooniscoming #pocketsofgreen #paintwiththerain #forestfloor 

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May 16, 2019

water body

As another leaf of the season turns, summer sunshine knocks on your door and blushing gulmohar curiously glances from the windows. It’s time to dream away from a vacation in the mountains or by the beachside – Freedom Tree’s COOL AND COLLECTED range has got you covered. With wistful memories of the ocean, the sea breeze calling your name, fields of swaying flowers and grounding elements of the earth, welcome the fresh hues of blues.

cushion and pillow covers

A medley of abstract lines, handsome checks, and florals will add playfulness and sophistication to your space, with unabashed verve. Allow the impeccable craftsmanship and global aesthetics to naturally and effortlessly style your space.

It’s time to pause, put your feet up and sip on aam panna in your very own summer home – one that is chic and cozy in equal measure. Our range features breathable fabrics, vibrant and down-to-earth wood, cane and rope furniture, intricate ceramics and contemporary lamps – with denim and indigo hues playing hide and seek across each category.

sheer fabrics

Snuggle into the soft colors of our Mohur cushions or take a ride back to your childhood with our frayed Denim Drift cushions. Mohur is a hero print from our last collection HERE IS NOW, and makes an appearance in this one as well – in calming hues of blue. Soften the mood of your study with the Urban Cool throw, with reversible fine pinstripes. Tie it all together with the Bluesette rug, or a daring floral look. The conventional charm of ticking stripes and tartan checks are hard to miss – our upholstery, sheers, throws, and cushions are absolute head turners you may want to introduce in your space. Our versatile yet cohesive collection gives you the flexibility to experiment and create different looks for your nooks time and again.


chair and cushions

Considering blue is the color of this collection, there’s a lot you can do – think deep blue rugs with soft denim floor cushions propped on the floor, soft floral sheers and hand-painted ceramics for your living room. Dress down your bedroom into sea stripe linen in white and blue, and you wouldn’t want to step out of the cozy haven. Sit by the window seat munching on your favorite watermelon and feta salad from our Kobe salad plate – as the Inky Blossom sheers allow the sunlight to just tip toe in.

The delicately contoured ceramicware with organic strokes is set to add joy to everyday moments and make special occasions even more memorable. Whether it’s a small gathering, your family or just you looking to savor a cup of coffee, our collection takes care of all. Bold strokes make an appearance in the serverware, whimsical patterns are the defining feature of our vases and the classic style lends élan to our glassware. Pass around the Malabar and Andaman snack platters cum cake stands, and contrast them with the delicate Kyoto ceramics as you host that tea party you’ve been waiting for.

server and platter

 Every summer day by the breezy seaside can be a reality – create a canopy in your balcony with sheers from our collection, bring out our Tropica chairs, stretch your toes and listen to your peppy playlist. Our minimalist rope furniture is an ode to the 60s, with a modern twist of delicious color. Now curl up and bring out your favorite summer read, or invite friends over for an evening of hors d'oeuvres and coolers. It’s time to embrace the covetous looks that come your way for the Hypnotique bar cabinet in weathered blue, a vintage chic show-stealer from our collection – so Friday night get-togethers don’t have to wait any longer! 

The COOL AND COLLECTED look is available in stores and online, ready to call your home it's own. Dream in colors borrowed from the sea, sky, and earth this summer. Feel truly at home, with Freedom Tree.



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Continuing our newest tradition, Freedom Tree is proud to announce our latest seasonal Trend Guide is now available. Spring-Summer 2019 invites you to embrace the feeling of living in the moment, and enjoy every second of being HERE, IN THE NOW

Spring Summer 2019 Trend Guide From Freedom Tree

Download the Trend Guide Here

Let us help you re-imagine your home with
lightness, color, and joy this season, so you can live Here, In The Now!

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