7 Ways to brighten up your home

It’s time you celebrate, the first face you saw after that of God’s, the face you used to see before the bright sunshine would pour on your face, the glimpse of who’s face made all fears and challenges look small. This is the face of the woman who gave you life, wiped away your tears and made you smile. Yes Mother’s Day is right round the corner. It’s the day when you officially say ‘thank you’ to your hardworking mom who has played more than just one role. Give her freedom with Freedom Tree this year.

To celebrate this day in a more lavish fashion we have brought you some of our few masterpieces that are surely to bring a long deep smile on your beloved mother’s face.


Carved ‘Sides’ For Smiles

Here are some great options to freshen up the living room. You can pair these stunning wooden artworks with a stack of books, a hot mug of coffee, a dim lamp or anything your mom would love to have besides her when she wakes up in the morning. With loads of pretty designs available you surely are not going empty handed.

Comfort Of The Quilts

They say there is no better place to sleep other than your mother’s lap, but ever thought where the best place for a mother to sleep is? It’s on a comfortable and warm quilt. We bring you a line-up of patterns, colourful prints and designs to make the living space more than just beautiful. From faint to bright we bring you a grand collection to choose from.

Dine To Delight

For a mother a dining table is not just associated to a table on which we have food, it’s a lot more than that. You playing hide and seek under the diner, she making you do the homework, you making the fuss over food and milk and many more things are what she associates that diner with. Rejuvenate those memories by bringing home a dining table that is not just stunning in looks but also a pleasing reminder of those memories.

Swaying With Elegance

Every piece of furniture is a flashback of hundreds of memories for you and in the case of your mom its thousands. So just throwing away that furniture might be a great deal for your mom. Upholstery is a great way of reviving that vintage furniture, new and attractive fabrics will bring that vintage furniture back to life with those memories yet intact.



Aurora At Home

Every table is incomplete without a lamp light. It is this combination that makes you keep saying the word “perfect” again and again. With plenty of alluring designs and patterns at your disposal your mom is sure to keep herself as close to the lamp as possible.

While we have listed down a few options for you there are loads more that we offer. So you can choose from our pool of furniture and materials according to your mom’s likes making her the happiest mom this Mother’s Day. For a sneak-peak of our collection and other products you can always log in to our website.

The Great Indian Wedding is really only an excuse for a long party. Extending over many days (dare I spell it daze) in a mellow haze with friends and loved family. The good feeling spills all around.

And while you may focus on the two or three days of events, and are confident that the locations and planner are taken care of there is one thing forgotten! The party starts well before the set wedding date and right in your home. Having gone through my daughter’s wedding just a few months ago; let me share how to let this be one of the most enjoyable gatherings at home.

Wedding Dance

Guests come home at all times of the day, and friends of the young couple come to hang around and even stay over! On any given morning, while one set is having breakfast, another is just going to bed!

Bride & Groom

To let you know which side of the day is up, to keep that sense of normalcy, here are some tips.


When the Air is Scented with Song make sure it is also fragrant with flowers. Flowers are a visual and sensorial treat and take the celebration up many a notch. Make use of the seasonal flowers, or palms and leaf fronds to make the home welcoming a celebration. Arrange flowers in bowls or topiary arrangements to make them less fussy.

 Flowers in bowl   topiary arranged flowers


Keep to the Hue. If working with white flowers place them in aqua vases and or woven wicker for a more natural look. Marigolds are such a color statement that they are best kept contained in natural wood, or glass bowls for smart day time entertaining.

tri color bottle ceramic vase

                                                     Tall Bottle Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vase

                                                   Goblet Vase Ceramic Vase 


Amplified Color. The dining table is the central hub of a home during pre-wedding days. For people at an Indian wedding, the jostle of color sets the expectation of good times. To anticipate this, lay a cool table for smart dining with just a beautiful color pop mix. Vivid color stirs the appetite for enjoyment. Just don't fuss and worry too much with place settings. People eat as and when they are ready. It’s so easy to be prepared with simple colorful woven cotton tablecloths, and brilliant napkins to tease appetites.

 Table Clothes   Runners & Square table cloth

                                                   Runner and Table Cloth


Gathering around a colorful table:

Match Made by Mixing. Weddings today show up the most unusual mingling of folks. College mates get married. Friends and family come from across the world in a happy mix of nationalities. I just attended the wedding of a batch-mate from design school. Herself a Sikh married to a Syrian Christian and their son getting wedded into a NY Jewish Family.


Table settings:

People revel in the differentiation; old friends are reunited and many new friendships forged. In much the same way, a mix and match of place settings is par for the course at a wedding home. The multitude of shapes and sizes, platters and colors, just adds to the joyous medley. To keep it somewhat homogenous, decide to stick to a color palette. Keep it fresh with blues and greens for a cool brunch and then hot pinks and red for a cracking dinner.

Plates & platter

 Wonderland Ovoid Platter

Ikkat square plate

Square plate


Smooth Spirit. Every wedding moves along smoothly on spirits that are liquid too! With all the singing and dancing, parched throats need to be served. I would keep dozens of glasses ready to run the sequence from water to rehydrating juices, cocktails and mock tails. Bringing the glasses in on large trays stacked with napkins and coasters, made these self-sufficient bars. Keeping the mood relaxed, glassware in softly tinted shades really made the party goers look at the world through rose tinted glasses.

Love and Laughter!

Drinking glass set

 Crest drinking glasses set of 6

Dining Collection

Dining Accessories


In India, Colors have always been interwoven with Indian traditions and heritage since time immemorial. From symbolic colors worn, to those for festivals. How does a ‘traditional’ scenario adapt to trendy colors when we talk of a new India, in step with the world?

Globally, Color forecasters pick up trends from the happenings in society which inevitably affect people. They also pull information from a variety of sources and piece it together. Always keeping their antenna alert, searching for whats hot, whats new.



                                                               Source : AkzoNobel Global


For 2016 we find ourselves at a unique crossroads in time where we can see the advantage both of tradition and also of modern innovation. Digital and modern techniques are here to stay but we look for inspiration from the past to be able to design for the future. Looking Both Ways – with Cherished Gold being identified as the color that best connects all the keys trends for the year.This theme of duality is the driving influence for 2016, according to the Colorfutures team at Akzo Nobel. Freedom Tree’s founder, Latika Khosla is one of the leading design and color experts who develop these ideas at the Global Aesthetic Center. 


                                                               Source :Dulux


An OCHRE GOLD as the color of this year is also a color easy to bring into Indian homes. The trend leans towards warmer metal tones. If we look to the past, a patina gold from ancestral paintings and the aged luster of glass, is the inspiration. A hint of the metallic gold can be brought into the interior on décor objects; an aged mirror frame or a gently lustrous hammered lamp base. The intent is to keep the metallic gold influence subtle and chic when bringing it into contemporary homes. 




                                                               Darkmoon Mirror



We increasingly seek the appeal of going ‘off grid’ in order to find oneself in the modern world. Digital dependence values the chance to produce something physical and tangible. We need boundaries in which to live, even if we seek to rebel against them; freedom is only understandable within the context of a framework.


When OCHRE GOLD is bright enough to attract attention, we could use it as a solid color statement in contrast with balancing hues. Unexpectedly in the modern context, ochre combines beautifully with a trend of pastel colors.

The refreshing energy that immediately gets noticed. For a smooth transition, these pastel tints of peach, sage green, duck egg blue are held back by black and white grids and geometries that are simple.                                                                                                                                                                  


                                                        Lattice Floor Cushion          


                                                   Round Coffee Table Set 



                                                              Converge Upholstery Fabric

Look out for this cherished gold color tone not only in home décor but spot its applications in graphic design, architecture, fashion and beauty.